Real Deal Outreach Campaign

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Looking for a way to help your  members of modest means get ahead? Click here to learn more about the GettingAhead Association if your credit union is not already a partner.

REAL Programs

REAL Programs are tangible products and services provided by credit unions to assist individuals of modest and moderate means to achieve their personal financial goals. Below are examples of REAL Programs grouped by specific activities.

Savings Programs
PRIORITY PROGRAM: Success Savings Account
Savings Programs-built around encouraging members of modest to moderate means to save for specific events or needs
Age based savings program (youth, senior, college bound)
Step UP CDs (scheduled interval rate increase) or Bump Up CDs (rate increases by request based on market)

Loan Programs
PRIORITY PROGRAM: Short Term Loan Programs
Payday lending alternatives (Stretch Pay)
PRIORITY PROGRAM: Special Auto Loans
Alternative lending for needs of modest to moderate members (Wheels to Work)
PRIORITY PROGRAM: First Time Home Buyer Programs
Home Loan Payment Relief Loans (HLPR Program)
Equity Builder Loan (lending with built in savings)
First time buyers loan (home, car)
Second Chance Lending

Transaction Account Programs
PRIORITY PROGRAM: Second Chance Access Account
Second Chance Checking-provides financial options for those who have had financial difficulties
Rewards Checking-encourages member wealth building
Age Based Checking Accounts-special programs for youth, retiree markets
Reloadable Cards-for members with difficulty in obtaining accounts
International Remittance Program
Fair Home Equity Line of Credit Programs

Other Programs
CU Coin-coin redemption opportunity
Free Credit Reports
Identity Theft Protection-options for membership
Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

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