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Priority REAL Programs

Short-Term Loan Programs

The REAL Deal Short-Term Loan Program is a short-term cash advance that helps members pay for unexpected expenses and is an alternative that credit unions can offer to counter high-rate on-line payday lenders, finance companies or pawnbrokers doing business in Georgia.

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Special Auto Loan Program

The premise of this REAL Deal Special Auto Loan Program is that some borrowers with poor credit histories will make an affordable car loan payment; reflecting the importance of their vehicle in keeping a job and maintaining their daily obligations.

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Success Savings Account

The REAL Deal Success Savings Account model is designed to help young adults and individuals of modest means develop systematic savings habits. The intent is to help members accumulate wealth for pre-determined financial goals and to get out of the debt accumulation cycle. Examples of such a goal would be to provide for a down payment on an automobile, a house, a vacation, or an educational expense.

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Second Chance Access Account

The REAL Deal Second Chance Access Account is designed for individuals who have had difficulty managing their checking accounts in the past. This program offers a financial alternative to traditional checking accounts without incurring overdraft charges, excessive fees from being overdrawn and running the risk of having the account closed due to financial management issues.

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First-Time Home Buyer Program

This REAL Deal First-Time Home Buyer Program is designed to offer low cost mortgages to members of limited financial means who want to purchase a home for the first time. By establishing a mortgage relationship with credit unions, new and existing members of modest means are introduced to a variety of products and services available from the credit union designed to increase their financial well-being.

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