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Credit Union Statistics

Georgia Credit Unions

Number of Credit Unions in Georgia

State Chartered
Federal Chartered

Number of Credit Union Members in Georgia
Percent of total Georgia population (approx.)

Total Assets

Number of Georgia Credit Union Employees



2.03 million

$19.62 billion
$11.44 billion
$17.06 billion

4,528 (FTE, approx.)

Source: CUNA Economics & Statistics Department, September 2014

U.S. Credit Unions

The American credit union movement is one of the strongest financial networks in the world. Through cooperative efforts, credit unions of all sizes are able to offer their members a broad range of services to meet their financial needs.

U.S. credit unions – 6,620
U.S. credit union members – 98.3 million
Total assets – $1.11 trillion
Total savings – $955.5 billion
Total loans outstanding – $662.4 billion

Source: CUNA Economics & Statistics Department, March 2014

International Credit Unions

Credit unions are part of a worldwide movement. The World Council of Credit Unions represents credit unions in 101 countries around the globe.

Credit unions worldwide – 56,904
Credit union members worldwide – 207.9 million
Total assets – $1.73 trillion (US$)
Total savings – $1.43 trillion (US$)
Total loans outstanding – $1.14 trillion (US$)

*World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. 2013 Statistical Report

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